In our August-edition, we gave you some Tips and Tricks about providing colostrum. Now, we focus on common diseases affecting young calves that may be due to poor hygiene. 


Diarrhoea is the most common cause of death in young calves and almost entirely avoidable by good management. The highest risk period is from birth to 1 month of age. Avoiding dehydration is vital and often the most important factor to ensure calf survival. 


In terms of diarrhoea prevention the two most important factors are ensuring correct hygiene in the calf and dam environment and good quality colostrum easily accessible in the correct quantities. Focusing on these 2 points will go a long way to ensuring the health of your young calf who is in essence a vital member of your future dairy herd. Diseases that occur within 5 days of birth usually originate in the dam or calving environment whereas after 7 days of age problems usually develop from the calf environment. Early identification of sick calves is necessary, so they can be treated and taken care of.


Good management will protect young calves



December 2014 - Good management will protect young calves

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